Justice for Ashley Moore

The Tragic Death of Black Trans Woman Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore

The Newark LGBTQ Center needs to raise funds to support private investigative costs and costs associated with the protection of Ashley’s family and their rights, health and welfare. Community work continues to pursue justice for Ashley and others who have been ignored by the systems that are supposed to protect them. Funding disparities mean that financial support from private citizens all over the world is necessary to meet these needs. The tireless advocates need your monetary support.

Months after her death, the police ruled Ashley’s death a suicide, despite an incomplete autopsy report. The case is now being reviewed by the Essex County’s Prosecutor’s Office - Homicide Unit - because of the pressure the community brought to bear on the Newark Police Divisions. Questions remain as to how Ashley actually died while in housing and care of the YMCA, an agency that provides emergency housing and services to homeless persons and families.

Ashley’s death certificate says the cause of death is “pending”.  Not one LGBTQ organization was aware of Ashely’s death until the Newark LGBTQ Community Center became involved and demanded a full investigation of the circumstances surrounding Ashley’s death and demanded that Ashley’s family be treated with respect and given information as to what happened to Ashley. This has taken months---and hundreds of phone calls. Violence against Black Trans women is a problem in this country and it is a problem in Newark, New Jersey 

The way this case was handled, coupled with the absence of notifying the family, and the delay in responding to the family and the community means that if Ashley were a victim of a crime, then there could have been someone who has presented a danger to Black Trans women of our community all of this time, and no one would have known.

Not only does the Newark LGBT Center need funds to help seek justice for Ashley, but funds are also needed to aid the many other lives affected in our community due to the absence of justice being pursued despite violent and inhumane acts being committed and aimed at the LGBTQ+ community—especially against trans women and men of color. Trans women of color , in particularly, experience employment and housing discrimination at incredible rates - and we help do what we can. As an example, we are helping with a case now of a gender queer person who is an immigrant and who was illegally evicted from their home. 

This GoFundMe campaign has been set-up to provide more resources in the LGBTQ+ Community to address these needs and issues immediately and to advance justice not only for Ashley, but for all LGBTQ+ people who do not have the individual resources it takes to pursue holding the police and other public officials and systems responsible for unfair treatment and denial of equal rights and in the providing of healthcare, housing, police response, safety, and other necessary services.  Please click the link below to help us move forward:

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In July 2018, Ashley recorded a video and put it on her IG saying that she had been mugged and when she went to report it to the police (three times), they did nothing because she was trans. Watch the video below (scroll through for all three parts of it).
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Shit got real today. I've heard stories from my friends able things like this happening. I guess I just didn't expect it to happen to me. This is f***ed up.

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Ashley Moore was a 26-year-old Black trans woman who was found dead in Newark with strangle marks on her neck, but there's been no police investigation. Let's demand one. #JusticeforAshleyMoore JusticeforAshleyMoore.org   » tweet this / template

AUGUST 12, 2020

Thank you all so much for the donations you've made so far, and for the shares.

Here is some press that has come as a result of our work thus far:






Because of this work, the Newark Department of Public Safety announced that the city's police department will conduct a review of Ashley Moore's death by the county's Homicide Task Force.

Thank you for all of your work and for caring. Let's continue to get this out there until we create #justiceforashleymoore.

Please direct questions or to reach out with information, to: The Newark LGBTQ Center

and/or [email protected]

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